Immediately transform your garden space

Transform your garden into a relaxing escape with garden features and ornaments. Impress friends and family by turning your entertaining area into a peaceful outdoor setting, filled with tranquil water features or contemporary statues. Your new garden will show off your appreciation and dedication to taste and quality.

Whether you are after a tropical rainforest, beach resort or country retreat look, Aarons Outdoor is able to create any look with our fantastic range available. We are constantly receiving new arrivals from around the world, with garden features that incorporate different cultural aspects and keep up with the latest trends in garden renovations.

Vacant spaces and unattractive areas can immediately be transformed, to become the feature of your garden in no time at all. Simply find the perfect piece to complement your home or create a central theme throughout your garden. No matter what size your yard or budget is, we can help you find the perfect solution.

Aarons specialises in products that have high quality and attention to detail, offering peace-of-mind and satisfaction you may not find anywhere else. All garden features are designed to suit the Australian climate and can withstand heavy sun and rain without fading, warping or deteriorating.



Create a stand-out feature in your outdoor setting.  Aarons has a large range of garden pots, large feature pots, medium size pots and small pots ideal for balconies and in amongst your garden.  Our pots are available in a variety of finishes, from very decorative pots to very simple designs to suit your gardens needs.

Brisbane Pots 005 Brisbane Pots 022


Tranquil Buddha statues bring Zen-like presence and serenity. It will capture your interest with intricate detail and Asian-inspired design. An excellent addition to your outdoor area, place in a quiet garden or flower bed where he can meditate, undisturbed and allow him to strengthen the serenity of your outdoor space.

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Our magnificent sculptures demand attention, handmade from recycled steel.  The pieces are one-offs and will not be seen in any other garden. They are constructed using recycled mechanical parts, chains, nuts, bolts and a variety of other steel materials. The intricacies can only be completely appreciated in person. These pieces are exclusive to Aarons Outdoor and will not be four anywhere else.

Our range includes;

Da Vinci Horse Sea Horse and Fish Rhino
Elephant Eagle Ant
Predator Harley Motorbike Rooster
Guitar Saxophone Train


IMG_5913 (1)


Handcrafted  timber statue collection made from smoothed timber pieces. With their unusual design qualities, the driftwood timber statues are guaranteed to be a striking and distinctive feature to your garden or entertainment area. The timber fades over time to create a gorgeous silver driftwood look.

Our range includes;

Elephant Horse



Unique wooden sculptures with a farm style theme for any indoor or outdoor space. They will add personality and character to any backyard or patio. The garden bridge invites guests to explore the secrets of your garden, made from reclaimed timber.

Our range includes;

Rooster Pig Garden Bridge

IMG_5824 stove 003








Take some time to browse our garden features or contact our friendly staff who can help you find exactly what you have in mind.




Winter Backyard Tips from Aarons

June marks the first days of Winter.   Now is the time to start to think about your winter garden.   Here at Aarons, we have a few hidden tips and tricks to help you stay outdoors in the colder months!

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  • Blog three: Winter Garden Farming – what veggies to plant in June

Aaron’s Winter DIY Tips and Tricks:

  1. Build an Outdoor Fire-Pit

How to Build a Firepit - Backyard Winter DIY Ideas Aarons Outdoor LivingThe Fire Pit instruction photo to the right is a simple way to create a warm and cosy place to hang out in your backyard!  Simply choose your spot and away you go!  There are also plenty of other  fire pit designs out there to choose from.  Fire pits come in many shapes and sizes. They can be a permanent structure or a simple barrel that can be moved around the patio.

Source – Pinterest

Build a Fire Pit for winter outdoor livingFire Pit for outdoor living in winter

2. Cushions Cushions Cushions!

Outdoor Living in cold winter months - cushions and textiles aarons outdoor living backyard diy tips

Every outdoor space, (whether it be a summer outdoor space or a winter outdoor space), should utilise outdoor cushions and textiles. This is especially so during the cosy winter months.  Bright colours are best for winter to brighten up your space.  Now you have your fire and cushions, what’s next?

Source – Pinterest

3. Marshmallows! and other yummy things… An Outdoor Kitchen!

Kids love cuddling around a fire with a packet of marshmallows and some twigs! Marshmallow cooking is the perfect winter activity to do outside around your new fire-pit.  A more holistic approach is to build a full kitchen outdoors using a BBQ, Gazebo and stone benches.

Gazebo Outdoor Kitchen Aarons Outdoor Living DIY winter backyard ideas

Outdoor kitchens are gaining popularity especially in Australia! Check out this kitchen built underneath a Gazebo!


4. Great Outdoor Accessories

With some functional, fashionable furniture, warm lighting and good company, you’ll be able to create a warm and inviting space in which to entertain and relax. In winter, choose warmer colours such as deep reds, purples and gold.