Holiday 365 Days a Year with Bali Huts

If you’ve ever been to Bali, then you would know just how relaxing and soothing it is to lie down on a day bed under an exotic Bali hut.

Thousands of Australian’s a year are looking to bring a little bit of Bali into their own backyard, by turning it into a tropical oasis.

If you are looking to transform your backyard into a Bali oasis, here’s some tips:

 Tropical Planting

For you gardens, a combination of the following:

  • Palm trees in wider open areas, make sure you have space to have a palm tree because they grow to be quite big.
  • Colourful fragrant flowers throughout the garden in limestone and clay pots.
  • Use bamboo in planter boxes as surrounding/screening features

Teak and Bamboo

  • Try using teak or bamboo furniture that is stained rather than painted, add colour to the furniture using colourful throw cushions.
  • Use Bamboo Panels to screen parts of your backyard for some extra privacy.

 Bali Huts – the Tropical Gazebo

Install a bali hut, with their solid timber structures and thatched roofing, this will make the biggest difference to your backyard “bali transformation”. In particular, get one with a deck for the ultimate tropical feel. Aarons Outdoor has a huge range of DIY and fully-installed bali huts, with or without decking included.

Bali Hut in a Pool Area

 Finishing Touches

  • Install a water feature or a pond, this should preferably be away from your gazebo area as water feature can attract mosquitos in the summer.
  • Path lighting like tiki torches can be a great addition especially when you are having guests over in the evening.

There you have it, you could be on holiday 365 days a year with just a few simple design tweaks of your backyard.