Imaginative Cubby House Decorating Designs for Outdoor Kids Play

As you know, cubby houses are a great tool for imaginative outdoor play.  This article will give you inspiration for Cubby House designs that give your cubby house personality and encourage storytelling play.

Cubby house decoration ideas:

The Gypsy Caravan


This cubby house decorating idea involves lots of bright colours!  Choose a cubby house with a long and narrow profile to emulate a gypsy caravan.  The best cubby house for the Gypsy


Caravan cubby design is the Mansion Cubby house from Aarons Outdoor Living.  Be sure to

purchase it in the natural finish because we’re going to paint it!  Purchase your cubby house in a “Package B” or “Package C” to give it the height it needs to look like a gypsy caravan cubby house.

Once you’ve got your cubby house, choose an eclectic mix of bright colours.  Use gold as your base colour for a classy feel or choose your childs favourite colour for a more personal touch.

Next, what caravan is complete without wheels!!  Here’s where your gypsy caravan cubby house comes to life!  You can source old wagon wheels from antique stores to attach to your cubby house but if your up to it, paint your wheels onto the side of your cubby house with black or brown paint.

Add the final touches to your cubby house by decorating the interior with patchwork and some of your child’s artwork.  the more colours the merrior!  Lots of cushions are NOT negotiable.c4cde7d42af0824d7dad70a90368e813 il_570xN_204636960 The gypsy caravan Eclectic Gipsyland on Flickr Gypsy Caravan Interior 2 6a00e5538c318888340133ec48f945970b interieur hyper-couleure 553b63743bcbf017806e7c24265ad979 370c9039ae7f33de2f5d7230a9574ffe

Happy travels Gypsy’s!

The Wizard Of Oz House


A wizard of Oz house could draw inspiration from the cyclone damaged house (pictured) or perhaps a glistening emerald castle is more your style.  Whichever way you design your Ozy house, I this a sparkley key is a must!

The cubby styles that will suit this theme are either the Mansion or the Castle in a Package A or B.

I love the play house idea of having some stockings and red sparkle shoes poking out from underneath the cubby house.  For a cyclone hit house look, visit a tip shop and pick up some old weather boards.  Nail these every which way on the outside of the cubby house.  This is the best way to achieve the cubby design without losing the integrity of the house.   Some flowers in the flower box that comes with your cubby and away you go!

Pirate Ship

  • Turn your outdoor cubby house into an adventure on the seas by building a pirate ship theme cubby house for your kids. Opt for a longer, rectangular body of the house, rather than a square, to emulate the shape of a pirate ship. Cut out circular holes for portholes and raise a pirate flag at the top. You can even build a slide that is like a plank for all the little pirates to slide down.


  • A castle cubby house turns the outdoor play area into an imaginative world of royalty and dragon fighting for both boys and girls. Build your cubby house and then paint it blue, pink or white, or add color shingles to get a castle look. Add a tower or two to the top of the castle. You can even dig a moat around it or install blue outdoor playground flooring to represent the moat.


  • Another idea for your kid’s cubby house is to build a superhero’s house. Decorate the house with posters and memorabilia from your child’s favorite superhero. Include a place to hang up superhero costumes and a slide or pole to slide down when your little superhero has to leave quickly to save the day. Inside, you can install a pretend telephone so important government officials can easily call the superhero at home.


  • A hotel theme is another unique idea for a cubby house design. Build a front desk inside for children to check other guests in. If space allows, build a separate hotel room or two inside so kids can pretend to stay there. The hotel rooms can be small; they just have to be large enough to fit one or two kids. You can put a small bed in each if space allows to enhance the theme. Get creative with your kids to come up with a name and paint it on the cubby house’s exterior.



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