Hot Tip for Keeping your Backyard COOL!


Extend your living space to your outdoor area with a Bali Hut or African Thatch, the coolest natural shade.  Thatched roofs are known to be approximately 10 degrees cooler and provide great shelter from the weather, be it the sun or a warm summer rain shower.  Our Australian Made, Bali inspired products are a great way to bring the holiday experience to your own backyard whilst turning your backyard down a few degrees.  

Cooling down seems to take up so much of my time lately.  I’m constantly thinking about how I can cool down and what time of day I should do what so as to take advantage of cooler periods.  A thatched roof in your backyard can free your mind and increase outdoor use.  Entertain under an Aaron Bali Hut or African Thatch or simply use it as lounging space.  The great thing about our thatch roof huts is that they are very flexible spaces.  You can make them what you want them to be with a simple change of furniture.


Sizes of Thatch Roof Tiki Huts Available at Aarons Outdoor Living

For both Bali Huts and African Thatches, we have the following sizes available

3000mm (w) x 3000mm (l)

3000mm (w) x 4000mm (l)  

3000mm (w) x 5000mm (l)

4000mm (w) x 4000mm (l)

4000mm (w) x 5000mm (l)

If your chosen space does not meet the standard sizes that we offer, Custom Sizes are available upon request.

Materials used

The roof frame , round corner poles and optional decking for our Bali Huts, Tiki Huts and African Thatches structure is made from arsenic-free treated pine that is sure to stand the test the Australian climate will undoubtedly deliver.

Bali Hut

The thatching topping our range of Bali Huts is hand-woven Indonesian alang-alang grass, creating a 100% waterproof, naturally insulated shelter.

African Thatch

Our authentic African thatching is produced with cape reed, which offers 100% water-resistance and sun protection. This fantastic layered effect is a style that you won’t find anywhere else – except when you’re on safari in Africa!

Alternative names

A Bali Hut or African thatch is an excellent shade structure and can actually be referred to as many different names.  Some of the names we have heard include, Tiki Hut, pergola, thatched gazebo, patio, beach hut, Balinese shade, and a garden pavilion.


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