Timber Veggie Patch for Small Gardens or Balconies

Create a Veggie Patch in your yard

Create an urban veggie patch with our Raised Garden Beds!  Raised Garden Beds are a great way to get the kids into the yard and start eating cheaply and healthily.

An Aarons Veggie Patch is a multi-purpose veggie garden that is beneficial to Mum, Dad and the kids! Mum and Dad get fresh herbs and vegetables while the kids get to have fun cultivating their own little backyard farm! Made from moisture resistant arsenic-free plantation pine, this veggie garden is sure to be a hit with the kids, and you’ll love the smile on their face when they pick their first tomato!

Quality and Versatility

With an Aarons Veggie Garden Bed, your assured longlasting vegetable planting success.  A raised garden bed is the best way to grow your vegetables.  The height of an Aarons Garden Bed means you won’t have to bend down low to garden AND your kids can enjoy gardening becuase it’s not too high.

With an Aarons Raised Garden Bed, you can also utilise the extra timber around the bed as a seat or knealing place whilst gardening.  As you’ll see in our photographs, this timber around the outside creates extra versatility as a functional seat and garden bed/veggie patch.

If in year to come, you decide to not continue with your veggie garden, you can turn an Aarons veggie garden bed into a sandpit by simply removing soil and replacing with sand.


To grow a successful veggie patch, you should research which plants grow best in your area.  There are many handy tips on the web about planting your veggie patch.  Gardening Australia provide a great guide on what plants to plant depending on where you live and the time of the year.

Available from Aarons

Our Raised Veggie Garden Beds are available in a stained or natural finish.  Purchase a natural veggie garden if you don’t mind the timbers natural wear to weather.  A stained Raised Garden Bed will ensure the life of your veggie patch!  Visit this link for more datails or phone us via 1300 305 375 to speak with your nearest sales yard.

Our timber is non-arsenic acid-free treated pine which will resist rot and termites without causing any risk to children or your vegies.  This is an ideal timber for a veggie patch.


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