Paint your Cubby to Match Your House or Childrens Style

Decorated Cubby Houses really are becoming very popular! Our customers love that our cubbies can be painted very easily.

An Aarons Outdoor Living painted Cubby House will look just like a little weatherboard!

A great idea we’ve seen is to paint one of the walls inside with blackboard paint which you can find in most hardware stores like Bunnings.  The kids will love leaving notes and drawings on the inside of their new cubby house!

If you would like to paint the outside of your cubby, be sure to purchase a ‘natural’ finish cubby house and appropriate colorbond roof colour to go with your theme.

Getting your childs first cubby is a big step.  At Aarons we make it a little easier by including slides and accessories as part of the package price.  All you need to decide is the height of your cubby.

Decorated, painted, cubby house

Head to our Cubbies and Forts page to start chosing your dream cubby house.  All our sales staff are friendly and experienced so feel free to utilise us when making colour, roof and package elevation decisions.

Once you’ve chosen a package, you can begin to think about colour.  Dulux has a great paint gallery that is a useful place to start for cubby house painting.

The next step is to chose a Colorbond roof colour.  Visit this handy Colorbond page to view the range.

Painted Cubbies, painted cubby, Aarons Outdoor Living

Kyle and Jackie O Painted Cubby Aarons Outdoor Living

Recently Kyle and Jackie O had a competion to “Pimp” two of our Townhouse cubbies. Kyle got one cubby to do up and Jackie O’s husband Lee got the other. Jackie O’s daughter, Kitty, then got to decide who’s cubby she liked best!

These cubbies both turned out great! A little girls paradise! Check out the inside of the white cubby painted, it looks like a shabby chic beach house.  Very stylish for your childrens first home.

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