Winter Backyard Tips from Aarons

June marks the first days of Winter.   Now is the time to start to think about your winter garden.   Here at Aarons, we have a few hidden tips and tricks to help you stay outdoors in the colder months!

  • Blog one: Winter DIY tips and tricks
  • Blog two: Winter outdoor activities for kids
  • Blog three: Winter Garden Farming – what veggies to plant in June

Aaron’s Winter DIY Tips and Tricks:

  1. Build an Outdoor Fire-Pit

How to Build a Firepit - Backyard Winter DIY Ideas Aarons Outdoor LivingThe Fire Pit instruction photo to the right is a simple way to create a warm and cosy place to hang out in your backyard!  Simply choose your spot and away you go!  There are also plenty of other  fire pit designs out there to choose from.  Fire pits come in many shapes and sizes. They can be a permanent structure or a simple barrel that can be moved around the patio.

Source – Pinterest

Build a Fire Pit for winter outdoor livingFire Pit for outdoor living in winter

2. Cushions Cushions Cushions!

Outdoor Living in cold winter months - cushions and textiles aarons outdoor living backyard diy tips

Every outdoor space, (whether it be a summer outdoor space or a winter outdoor space), should utilise outdoor cushions and textiles. This is especially so during the cosy winter months.  Bright colours are best for winter to brighten up your space.  Now you have your fire and cushions, what’s next?

Source – Pinterest

3. Marshmallows! and other yummy things… An Outdoor Kitchen!

Kids love cuddling around a fire with a packet of marshmallows and some twigs! Marshmallow cooking is the perfect winter activity to do outside around your new fire-pit.  A more holistic approach is to build a full kitchen outdoors using a BBQ, Gazebo and stone benches.

Gazebo Outdoor Kitchen Aarons Outdoor Living DIY winter backyard ideas

Outdoor kitchens are gaining popularity especially in Australia! Check out this kitchen built underneath a Gazebo!


4. Great Outdoor Accessories

With some functional, fashionable furniture, warm lighting and good company, you’ll be able to create a warm and inviting space in which to entertain and relax. In winter, choose warmer colours such as deep reds, purples and gold.







Bamboo Panels, The Natural Solution

Transform your backyard into a relaxing bali escape, with our high quality Black Bamboo panels. Bamboo Panels are an attactive and unique addition to any yard, used simply as a fence or as a feature. We stock the highest grade Black Bamboo shades around. They look great behind a pool or spa or a fencing around a thatch or Bali Hut. Our Bamboo panels are made with only the most attractive and highest quality bamboo lengths.

Bamboo Panels will cover all types of fences, pool pumps, unsightly walls, backyard sheds or used simply as a privacy screen. Bamboo looks great as a garden edging and really compliment water features.  Here at Aarons Outdoor Living, we use them as fences around our outdoor superstores and as feature walls behind our display water features.

Bamboo as a Fence

Spruce up your backyard while creating privacy and security with a bamboo panel fence.  Quick & easy, bamboo fencing is a popular substitute to unsightly concrete, wire or Steel fenceing.  Add a pleasing aesthetic finish to a tired old fence or wall.  A Bamboo Fence will certainly appeal to neighbours and guests.  Use bamboo panneling to get the Bali look to your yard, by easily covering current fence.  The bamboo panels are made to easily screw or wire in to any surface.  This means they can be fixed to a steel fence, Colorbond type fences, wooden fences, wire fences, a wooden frame, sheds, concrete walls and more.  Even better, let us take care of installation of your bamboo fence for you!

Bamboo as a Cover for Unsightly Structures

Bamboo is a popular material for covering your poopl pump or other structures in your yard.  Used as a cover, the natural look and feel of the bamboo will eliminate visual pollution.  A bamboo cover is the ultimate solution to hide anything away.  Simply buy the necessary quantity of bamboo panels and then cut them to size to wrap around the item and mount.  Even better, get us to mount the bamboo for you! Easy!


Bamboo is a sustainable resource.  Bamboo is the fastest growing plant on Earth.  It can be harvested in 3-5 years versus 10-20 years for most softwoods.  Bamboo is the fastest growing plant on Earth. Bamboo releases 35% more oxygen than an equivalent quantity trees. Due to the speed at which it grows, not only is it more sustainable but it creates more jobs and wealth to the local communities producing the bamboo.  Buy purchasing bamboo you help to create wealth in these communities, help to eleminate Carbon Dioxide polution and create a beautiful relaxing escape in your backyard.

Quality and Strength

Bamboo is one of the strongest building materials. The incredible strength of bamboo shockingly out-performs the very best timbers in hardness and dimensional stability.  Bamboo has a smooth and consistent surface making it a high quality and attractive material.  Aside from a small variation at the node point, the strength is consistent the entire cut length makinig bamboo highly versatile.

Available from Aarons

Our versatile bamboo panels are available in two sizes, 900mm x 1800mm and 900mm x 2400mm.  Both sizes are perfect for all construction purposes.  We reccomend the 2.4m high size if you are looking to create privacy or surround a Bali Hut or African Thatch.  To view our bamboo products in use, visit our Bamboo Gallery orFacebook.

Timber Veggie Patch for Small Gardens or Balconies

Create a Veggie Patch in your yard

Create an urban veggie patch with our Raised Garden Beds!  Raised Garden Beds are a great way to get the kids into the yard and start eating cheaply and healthily.

An Aarons Veggie Patch is a multi-purpose veggie garden that is beneficial to Mum, Dad and the kids! Mum and Dad get fresh herbs and vegetables while the kids get to have fun cultivating their own little backyard farm! Made from moisture resistant arsenic-free plantation pine, this veggie garden is sure to be a hit with the kids, and you’ll love the smile on their face when they pick their first tomato!

Quality and Versatility

With an Aarons Veggie Garden Bed, your assured longlasting vegetable planting success.  A raised garden bed is the best way to grow your vegetables.  The height of an Aarons Garden Bed means you won’t have to bend down low to garden AND your kids can enjoy gardening becuase it’s not too high.

With an Aarons Raised Garden Bed, you can also utilise the extra timber around the bed as a seat or knealing place whilst gardening.  As you’ll see in our photographs, this timber around the outside creates extra versatility as a functional seat and garden bed/veggie patch.

If in year to come, you decide to not continue with your veggie garden, you can turn an Aarons veggie garden bed into a sandpit by simply removing soil and replacing with sand.


To grow a successful veggie patch, you should research which plants grow best in your area.  There are many handy tips on the web about planting your veggie patch.  Gardening Australia provide a great guide on what plants to plant depending on where you live and the time of the year.

Available from Aarons

Our Raised Veggie Garden Beds are available in a stained or natural finish.  Purchase a natural veggie garden if you don’t mind the timbers natural wear to weather.  A stained Raised Garden Bed will ensure the life of your veggie patch!  Visit this link for more datails or phone us via 1300 305 375 to speak with your nearest sales yard.

Our timber is non-arsenic acid-free treated pine which will resist rot and termites without causing any risk to children or your vegies.  This is an ideal timber for a veggie patch.

Paint your Cubby to Match Your House or Childrens Style

Decorated Cubby Houses really are becoming very popular! Our customers love that our cubbies can be painted very easily.

An Aarons Outdoor Living painted Cubby House will look just like a little weatherboard!

A great idea we’ve seen is to paint one of the walls inside with blackboard paint which you can find in most hardware stores like Bunnings.  The kids will love leaving notes and drawings on the inside of their new cubby house!

If you would like to paint the outside of your cubby, be sure to purchase a ‘natural’ finish cubby house and appropriate colorbond roof colour to go with your theme.

Getting your childs first cubby is a big step.  At Aarons we make it a little easier by including slides and accessories as part of the package price.  All you need to decide is the height of your cubby.

Decorated, painted, cubby house

Head to our Cubbies and Forts page to start chosing your dream cubby house.  All our sales staff are friendly and experienced so feel free to utilise us when making colour, roof and package elevation decisions.

Once you’ve chosen a package, you can begin to think about colour.  Dulux has a great paint gallery that is a useful place to start for cubby house painting.

The next step is to chose a Colorbond roof colour.  Visit this handy Colorbond page to view the range.

Painted Cubbies, painted cubby, Aarons Outdoor Living

Kyle and Jackie O Painted Cubby Aarons Outdoor Living

Recently Kyle and Jackie O had a competion to “Pimp” two of our Townhouse cubbies. Kyle got one cubby to do up and Jackie O’s husband Lee got the other. Jackie O’s daughter, Kitty, then got to decide who’s cubby she liked best!

These cubbies both turned out great! A little girls paradise! Check out the inside of the white cubby painted, it looks like a shabby chic beach house.  Very stylish for your childrens first home.

Turn Your Backyard into a Balinese Retreat with These Simple Ideas

Balinese style gardens are very popular with Australian Home owners because they suit our climate and the tranquil design of sculptures and other landscaping techniques appeal to our senses.  Use these tips to create your own Balinese retreat in your backyard!

The central ideas of a Balinese Garden are:

  • Water
  • Tranqulity
  • Balinese Pavillion, Bali Hut or Gazebo
  • Wooden Balinese furniture
  • Tropical and lush plants
  • Balinese sculptures

All these things should remind us of tranquil Bali.  A DIY Bali Garden can seem like a nightmare if you’re starting from scratch but it doesn’t need to be that hard!  Follow these tips and you could be lounging in your Balinese garden in no time at all!

Use What You Have for Your Balinese Backyard

The first tip to Balinese Garden success is to utilise what you already have in your backyard.  This can be a water feature such as a pool or pond or it could be a bush or simple dip or rise in the ground surface.  Use them to your advantage, for example, line a dip in the ground surface with black water proof tarp, surround with rocks, and hey presto – you have a water feature! Add a pump to ensure the water is airated to avoid mosquitos and algae.

Use what you have – you don’t need to race out and buy a heap of new plants and sculptures to create the Bali Garden.

Balinese Water Features

A Balinese Garden will always feature cool running water.  Turn your pool into a water feature during winter to utilise every moment with your pool.  Add lighting and floating ornaments/plants or add a bridge over your pool.  At Aarons Outdoor Living we have a large range of water features from Ponds to spinning ball features.  Our most popular water feature when it comes to creating the Bali Garden is our Balinese Buddha Face feature (pictured).

Ponds are another way of introducing water into the Balinese garden and the very best ponds merge with the greenery and rocks to look as though it has been there forever.  All of the Aarons Outdoor ponds are faux rock falls.  They are made from a light material for easy transport but look as authentic as the real deal when teamed with plants and of course water.  They all come with a pump to create flowing water and a tranquil sound in your Balinese garden.

Pots also make great water features.  To read more about pots as water features or our water feature range, please click here.

Bali Plants

Plant choice is also quite important when designing your Bali Garden.  Balinese Garden Plants are easy to decide on however as most tropical plants will suit.  Be sure to check gardening websites or with your local nursery as to which plants will grow well in your area.  Balinese Plants with a lush tropical foliage are the plants we associate with traditional balinese styled gardens.  Foliage Plants such as Cordylines, Palms and Ferns, Plants with broad foliage such as Alocasia, Ornamental bananas, Aglaonema, Dieffenbachia, and gingers. Bamboo also works well.

The key idea for plant useage in your Bali Garden is to create a feeling of lushness and tropical greenery.  Use plants with big foliage to achieve this easily.

Balinese Huts

Balinese gazebos, huts or pavillions are usually open sided with a thatched Alang Alang grass roof.  Available in kit form from Aarons Outdoor Living or you can utilise our installation service.  Balinese gazebos or Bali Huts are great for poolside shelter.   A Bali Hut will complete your Balinese look quite instantly.  It is the ultimate in Balinese Garden Design.  A Bali Garden is not complete without a Balinese Thatch roof Hut.  Visit your local Aarons Superstore or click on our Bali Huts Product range to view our pricelist.  Be sure to check our news page or below the product price for any sales that we may have.  Be sure to apply the sale discount to the product price.

A balinese day bed can be great addition to any pavillion or gazebo.

Balinese Furniture

At Aarons Outdoor Living we stock all sorts of Balinese outdoor furniture including the classic Bali Daybed or Balinese Daybed.  A Balinese Daybed will look great under any shade spot, by the pool, or under an Aarons Bali Hut.

All our Bali furniture is 100% handmade from reclaimed hardwood timber.  We import our Balinese furniture from Thailand to ensure authenticity.

Team our Balinese Furniture with a Bali Hut and Bali Bamboo panel and your backyard is already a complete Bali Retreat!

Bamboo Fencing and Bamboo Panels

Bamboo fencing and Bamboo panels are a great way of consolidating the overall look of a Balinese style garden.  Aarons Bamboo fencing comes in  panels of two heights and can easily be attached to existing structures and fences or used as a stand alone feature bamboo screen.  Our bamboo sizes are 1.8m high and 2.4m high.  Both these sizes are 900mm wide.

Sculptures in the Balinese Garden

A Balinese Garden will always feature statues carved from timber or stone. Balinese sculptures will be placed in hideaway niches or scattered among grennery.  Larger sculptures would be place in the center of the garden.  To ensure Authenticiy, be sure to check out our ornaments page as we import all our ornaments from Thailand and they are all handmade from reclaimed or recycled materials.  As well as gods and goddesses, Balinese features can include temple flags, umbrellas, carved sculptures, and statues of animals.

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